Pay Pig

Blane is a bodybuilder who happens to get turned on when his dominatrix empties his wallet and loves to be called a little bitch; he’s a pay pig.


Written & Directed by Hunt Beaty
Produced by Hunt Beaty, José Andrés Cardona, Wesley Wingo

Blane: Rob Youells
Lexi: Francesca Anderson

Workout Bro: Harry Bainbridge
Tim: Shah Sadozai
Pay Pigs: Sly Augustus, Chad Jones, Fareed Ali, Michelangelo Del Rosario, Alan Kelly, Wesley Wingo, David Ferino
Garrett, Visa Cardmember Services Representative: Jason Katz

Co-Producer: Reed Adler
Associate Producer: Scott W. Herriott
Additional Writing: José Andrés Cardona, Wesley Wingo
Photographed & Edited by José Andrés Cardona
Production Design: Kendra Eaves

Production Sound: Ashley Knowlton
Crew Players: Evan Carter, Alex Dorman, David Broad, Will Sabel Courtney, Chris Barnes

Supervising Sound Designer: Theodore Robinson
Supervising Sound Editor: Tarcisio Longobardi
Re-Recording Mixer: Cory Choy
Post Production Sound Facility: Silver Sound

Color Grading by Post Pro Gumbo
Colorist: Alan Louis Gordon
Visual Effects: Carl Brent Ferguson

"Hero X A" Written by Keith Morrissey & Joachim Tospann
Published by Sonoton Music GmbH Co KG (GEMA), Sonoton APM (ASCAP), Figurata Music GmbH Co KG

"Ready to Not Be Ready" Written by Peter Darling & Kamal Kamruddin
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"Get Money Swag" Written by Panau Kalayeh, Desmond Copeland, Robert Grant, Mikhail O. Johnson, James Desmond
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"Ballin' Ain't A Thang" Written by Mark Einhorn, Andrew Flores, Alexander Valente, Douglas Boulware
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"Ghetto Love" Written by Courtney Dante Elkins & Ife Foluke Morrison
Published by Cezame (ASCAP)

"Never Say No"
Written by Fabrice Remy Ploquin & Jean-Paul Soullier
Published by AXS APM (ASCAP)

"Party Like a Kennedy"
Written by Sean Cooney

"If You Love Me"
Written by Night Tempo

Special Thanks: Silver Sound, Spa 23, NJ, Cary Adler, AJ Hierro, Eugene Ioannou, David Broad, Jacob LaMendola, Brennan McVicar, Alex Resnikoff and Hand Held Films